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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You thought Summer was hot? Meet
August & J and their Southern Rock album, ‘40’ (Video)

by Sherryjane Cooke

Breaking News: "The Moon" by August & J just hit 1,600,000 YouTube views, and their earlier "For Once" hits 3,000,000 YouTube views.

Yes, the months August and June are hot here in Texas. But, in this case we are talking 'hot Southern Country Rock and Pop.' Introducing the musically hot duo of August & J, from Denton, Texas and their new album release, '40'.

They first came to my attention through a dear friend, Marti Ludwig. It was one of the greatest gifts she could have given to me. In listening to August & J’s singles and now their new debut album “40' it has proven to this reviewer that they are on their way to becoming one of the best duo’s in Southern Rock music today. The momentum shows no slowing down. Earlier last week, August & J were asked to perform on Good Morning Texas, a local morning show based in Dallas, Texas.

Their Southern Rock mix with Country pop is a fresh new sound, blended together by two young musical forces that seem as if they have been together always. It is much like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together seamlessly, lending a dynamic new sound of Southern Rock Country music. With August’s mesmerizing, tremendously smooth and versatile vocals and guitar, J’s mastery and perfectly paired guitar, Patrick Emile’s uniquely blended vocals and bass, the angelic Olivia Emile’s vocals and keyboards and the mysterious “Q’s” talent for strongly pulling you in with his perfectly timed and accomplished drummer’s talents…I am a fan for the long haul. Assisting the A and J duo were Patrick, Olivia and Q and were included in the video and on the CD.

The word “passion” defines “creativity” as inventive, imaginative, a powerful feeling and great enthusiasm. When these two things come together, they propel you. For those souls lucky enough to have them, they are elements that never fade. For the Denton, TX based duo August & J, it is their enduring passion and creativity that have sparked a rebirth.

Each song on the new release, ‘40’, as with August & J’s singles, is like nothing you have ever experienced before. I say experience, because this is not your mixed message, cluttered or overdone with sound drowning out the vocals. These songs are beautifully written, seamlessly brought together and drive straight home with a message with an unstoppable passionate music that captures your heart and consciousness. The relation to real life is delivered with purpose, passion and love by August and J and their accompanying muses of Patrick, Olivia and Q.

With influences ranging from their country roots, Bon Jovi, Train and Wilco, the songs on ‘40’ the album that came together under the auspices of that rare and continued musical connection between two people. It was recorded at August home studio. After years of writing bits and pieces on their own, J and August were both full of musical and lyrical ideas, and the chemistry was as sharp today as the day they met. There was no ego, no disagreement, just a common desire to write the best songs they could. They complement each others' strengths and weaknesses.

“There’s something about being creative that helps you to continue to be creative,” says vocalist August, who was surprised to receive a phone call from his old writing and recording partner J. It was the first time the two had spoken in over a decade. “I really didn’t think much of that first phone call. J called me and said, ‘I get the feeling that you really want to sing on some of my songs,’ I remember rolling my eyes and chuckling. It was very noncommittal.”

J, who had recently picked up a guitar again after a long hiatus, had written some new music and found himself thinking of his old band mate. “I called him up and asked him if he wanted to sing on my songs. Whenever I would sit down and write something, I would always hear his voice in my head.”

August says, “There can’t be a formula for inspiration. Songs can start with a guitar line, or a hummed melody, or a single word or phrase. Then J and I start batting ideas back and forth. You never know where an idea will take you. Simply trying an idea could spur five more ideas! That’s what I love about writing with J, we try every idea. No matter how absurd it might be, we always try it.”

"August has a way of piecing together the ideas and making them cohesive songs,” J adds. “But first and foremost, it’s about the songs. Good, hummable catchy, singable songs. They stick in your head and won’t leave. That’s where it all starts. Are they catchy? Can you sing them in your car? I think the answer is yes.”

The result is a collection of unique vocals, thoughtful lyrics with power guitar riffs and catchy melodies that you indeed find yourself humming hours after you’ve last heard the songs. The album’s first single, “For Once,” a touching track written for August wife, reflecting long sought after dreams finally realized - something that any couple who has endured highs and lows together can relate to - gained national airplay at AAA (Adult album alternative - also triple-A, or adult alternative) radio.

The song’s self-produced video, inspired by the lyrics but showcasing a very clever storyline twist, has just surpassed 3 million views on YouTube and has been featured prominently in several major retail chains. With this momentum,August & J are ready to launch their second single, “The Moon,” which they recently performed acoustically on Q104.3’s “Out of the Box” hosted by Jonathan Clarke, airing on New York City’s only rock station.

Since their appearance, “The Moon” has seen additional airplay on the program. Touring plans are in the works, and the band had its first appearance at Austin’s renowned SXSW festival in March.

Such success was a surprise to the band, as August points out, “All I wanted to do was get back to being a songwriter. My mind was not in a place where I wanted to rehearse for shows or even put together a band for that matter. I just wanted to fall in love with writing songs again.”

Well, not only has that mission been accomplished, this Examiner loves your songwriting and oh-so-fresh delivery of “40.” This Examiner gives August & J a big thumbs up. Just remember me by this time next year, when you accept those awards!

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