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August & J – For Once – Get Reel Music Mix

December, 2012

Get Reel Music Mix   Longwood, FL   
Get Reel Music Mix airs on the Voice of America network multiple times per week. This unhosted series of half-hour episodes of the features the latest music videos and entertainment news from top recording artists. Over 10 million potential viewers.  Voice of America airs in following countries: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Serbia, Tanzania, Thailand, and Zambia. Week ending 12/17.

December 11, 2012
1014 The Feelings Hijackers Dirty Limousine Magmata Records
1014 Rachele Lynae - Party Til The Cows Come Home - Momentum Label Group
1014 August & J - For Once - Bald Dog Records
1014 Scarleta - Right Here Right Now - Inkubate Records
1014 Fang Island Sisterly Sargeant House
1014 Chris Weaver Band - Standing in Line