Everything Is Here
by August and J

Take another look at me
Send someone from another floor
I can feel the breeze
Trippin’ on what? I don’t know…
In another crazy scene
Here’s a thought…I’m in love with you…

Take another look at you
“Yes” and “No” and “I don’t care”
And I can hear the boots
Stompin’ down the weeds of everything that shouldn’t be
I believe that you can see the truth

The words are tangled in my throat
It’s in the pages that I wrote
I can feel it when you’re near
Then I know why…Everything is Here
Everywhere…Everything is Here

Take another look at me
Shed some light on another door
And I can wear the jeans
Advertise and socialize and I can sell the sheets
I can do it, you can see it too

Take another look at us
We can plan and we can save
And do spontaneous
Take this world by the heels and we can never lose
If we can see it
We can make it true

It’s all centered in my hope
In the pocket of my coat
When I let it disappear
I could leave but…Everything is Here
Everywhere…Everything is Here

I will never let you down
Take my hand and turn around
We can run in to the sky
We can always say we tried

Everywhere…Everything is Here
Everywhere…Everything is Here