P.S. I Love You
by August and J

Once was a future king but he forgot to wear the ring
Now Prince of Tides is good enough for you
30 steps to a higher throne and 5 more to be alone
The battle for everything is here

Chapter out it’s time to turn the page
Only one thing left for me to say

P.S. I Love You

Long ride on a winding road and everybody faking hope
Now exit time, the coverup is the crime
And I know second best and I know how to be the rest
Time is here ticking through the room

Sun Valley keep me take me home
Only one thing left for you to know

P.S. I Love You

Go to bed and close your eyes, I won’t be coming home tonight
Now I can see a deeper shade of “you”
I memorize and hold her smile, sit back and be a child
I turn around, the princess is the bride

Heart strings are pulling down on me
Only one thing left for you to read

P.S. I Love You
P.S. I Love You