Wastin' Time Tonight by August and J

Crazy soul I save you, next you know I blame you
I say “go” my baby, finger and toe I said it
You will never know I trust you, through another door I fear you
Maybe they’ll know in a moment, and we’ll beg forever

All I have, is burned by another flame
And I hear you say “be the wave”
But, I know we’re wastin’ time tonight

In a day or so I tell you, every “go” I fail you
Fresh as snow I taste it, sure as spit I waste it
In a safe I hoard you, even though I share you
In my baby’s air, in the pain I bear

All my eyes roll another night
Keep my stash and be all tight
I know we’re wastin’ time tonight

How can I say “love you”, when I can’t dare to stand you
It’s a low we’re taken, when I “go” I’m naked
Here’s some more to the medley, though I’m soaked and salty
I don’t want to pay, so I aim another way

I’m gone, through another night
I don’t mind givin’ up my sight
‘Cause I know we’re wastin’ time tonight

I let you Love live another lie
Hey little girl with your eyes burnin’ bright
I know we’re wastin’ time tonight.