Misunderstood by August an J

I’m just a castaway
No matter where I stay
I did all I ever could
But, I’m just misunderstood
These days run away from me
Like horses in to the trees
From the reaches of childhood
I’ve been misunderstood

Is this why the world keeps on turnin’?
Can you tell me why I….

I’m on a plane tonight
The edge of the sky in sight
The air is a part of me
As I fall in to the sea
So stand there and watch me fall
Knowing that I’ve been through it all
Like everyone said I would
I’ve been misunderstood

I thought I was a lucky one
I thought I could never lose but I never won
From the pages of a comic book
I’ve been misunderstood
So, I surrender myself tonight
To the future that now controls my life
I did all I thought I should
But, maybe I …misunderstood

Is this why I never feel better?
Maybe I should go now….

If I sail away tonight
Will you promise me you won’t cry
And keep a piece of my heart with you
As the waves take me further to
A place I may never know
Where memories fade and stories grow
From the wreckage of where I stood
Will I be misunderstood?